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This website provides a mechanism by which employees and others can report confidentially concerns involving alleged ethical or compliance misconduct (except those subject to the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement or those restricted by applicable law). Any unauthorized use is prohibited.

Note: If you wish to raise questions or concerns about company accounting, internal accounting controls, or auditing matters, check the appropriate box when submitting your inquiry. All such inquiries are referred to Carrier’s Global Compliance office.

All communications submitted through this tool are confidential and are processed internally. We encourage you to give us your name and contact information, as this facilitates better review of your issue. However, you may remain anonymous if you choose. Information sent via this website is encrypted during transmission. You will receive a confidential response.

Submitting an inquiry through this system will be handled in the same manner as using a paper form or contacting the Carrier Hotline. If you prefer to use a paper form or to speak to a Hotline representative, please click here: https://corporate.carrier.com/reporting

Privacy Notice

Carrier respects the privacy of the personal information that you may provide in the course of submitting this form and in any additional communications you may have with the Compliance Organization. Unless local law requires that you identify yourself, all personal information you provide is entirely voluntary. If you must identify yourself, the only information that you will be required to provide is your name. Depending on the nature of your concern or inquiry, we may also request additional personal information so that management can review and respond; you will have the choice to provide this additional information.

The personal information that you provide will only be used: (1) to resolve your inquiry; (2) with all identifying information removed and in an aggregate form, for statistical and reporting purposes; (3) in the case of the sale or transfer of some or all of the assets of Carrier, to transition to a new owner; and (4) as may be required by law. You may request an opportunity to review employee personal information maintained in this system to correct, amend, or delete information that is demonstrated to be inaccurate or incomplete, so long as not prohibited by applicable law. Personal information may be used and shared among Carrier divisions, entities, subsidiaries, and affiliates, applicable government organizations and agencies, and service providers as permitted or required by law, regulation, or court order. Carrier obtains contractual assurances from its service providers that they will safeguard employee personal information consistently with this Notice.

For employees, communications using this form are subject to the Employee Privacy Notice available at https://corporate.carrier.com/privacy. Any questions or concerns regarding this Notice and its application should be directed to the Carrier Global Compliance organization at CarrierHQ_Compliance@Carrier.com or can be raised anonymously at https://corporate.carrier.com/reporting.

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In jurisdictions where use of this site is restricted by local law or regulation, use of this site is voluntary and constitutes your consent to the collection, reporting, and processing of the information you provide.

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